The hazel bush that I planted in March 2009 has produced its first crop.


Broad-bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa) beside garden pond.


– The Hedges by this time are beginning to leaf – John Keats: Letter to B. R. Haydon – 8 April 1818

Hazel catkins

Both of these photos were taken on 27th January 2010. The catkins shown above are growing in my garden – now that …


I fixed up this bird table outside my kitchen window several months ago but didn’t have a single visitor until today – …

Hazel catkins

Catkins on the tree which I planted last year in my garden. Some of the ones in the hedgerows are at around …

Albinistic blackbird

I caught sight of a blackbird like this one on several occasions last year, but it was down in the park. It’s …

Pale Tussock Larva

Vapourer moth larva? Found dead and partly decomposed, on a hawthorn plant. Edit: Pale Tussock larva Calliteara pudibunda – thanks James.

Moth larva

Haven’t managed to identify this as yet.