May Day at Bradley Manor

Bradley Manor 1

Bradley Manor is a small National Trust property on the western edge of Newton Abbot. This was my first visit and I was pleasantly surprised by how much there was to see inside the house and by the peaceful surroundings. Unfortunately I was too tired by the time we’d finished looking round inside to do more than sit on a bench and enjoy the sunshine (the interior is astonishingly chilly), but there are 70 acres of wooded hillsides and meadows to explore and a return trip will be something to look forward to.

Bradley Manor 2

Looking from the gardens towards the rear of the house

Bradley Manor 4

The front entrance

Bradley Manor 5

The stonework around the chapel windows includes this carving of St Matthew the Evangelist. At one time it was brightly painted: traces of green and red still survive under the modern limewash.

Bradley Manor

Another view of the entrance front