Haldon Forest Deer Walk

Haldon Forest - Deer Walk 1b07.34: No deer visible yet but plenty of noisy activity deeper in the forest during the previous half hour.

Haldon Forest - Deer Walk 207.36: Sunlight just beginning to break through the trees. Deer hoofprints in the mud alongside the path and a small group spotted off the the right in a patch of scrub.

Haldon Forest - Deer Walk 307.38: Two deer ran out from the trees and crossed the path some distance ahead of me. This was the only picture I managed to get and it’s been fairly drastically cropped. My daughter-in-law had better luck the following day.

Haldon Forest - Deer Walk 408.00: Back on the tarmac. I saw more deer in the woods just across from here and with the sunshine and early morning mist further down the valley it made a nice ending to the outing.