Mary Carolan

Image number: FH8

Date: Circa 1943

Location: Kilsallagh

Description: Mary Carolan, wife of John (?) Carolan of Kilsallagh; my great grandmother. Her maiden name seems to have been Walsh or Walshe, and she was born circa 1851 – on the 1911 census her age is given as 60 years. She was the mother of eleven children, nine of whom were still alive in 1911. See John (Image number FH7) and James (FH6).

Some postings on an internet forum which I came across via a Google search for Carolans + Kilsallagh refer to a marriage on 16 February 1878 at Crossmolina Roman Catholic church between Mary Walshe and John Carolan, born circa 1837, son of John Carolan. Mary’s oldest surviving son, John, was born about seven years after the date of this wedding – the gap could be explained by the fact that she had two children who didn’t survive.

Photographer: Dermot Carolan

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